So you’ve been told by your physician that you need physical therapy!

You’re wondering what to do next, which physical therapy practice to choose? Perhaps you’re recovering from an illness or injury, or you have a disability. Maybe you simply want to be proactive, to prevent loss of any mobility, with customized fitness and wellness programs supporting an active lifestyle. You don’t want to compromise and you’d like some help.

Welcome. You’re in the right place. At COASTherapy, our personalized focus on treatment, healing, prevention and education means you’ll achieve your goals effectively and within a reasonable time period: we know you’re in a hurry. We’ll make sure you enjoy the experience – delivered with professionalism and kindness – and that you understand what’s required so when you return home, you know what to do and how to do it correctly. All along the way, we’ll stay in regular communication with your referring physician so everyone’s on the same page concerning your care.

Here at COASTherapy, we recognize that you are not like anyone else who comes to our clinic. Your treatment plan with us will be unique – just like you. We ask that you be patient with yourself and the process, because what we’ll achieve together requires time, persistence and cooperation. Physical therapy is by its very nature a “conservative treatment” versus more invasive, often painful options, which is why it was recommended to you. The end results will be worth it, we promise, for we’ve witnessed hundreds of meaningful “success stories.” We’re ready to tell yours too.

Contact us today and let’s talk about you. We look forward to meeting and to meeting your physical therapy needs now and in the future.

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A physical therapy consultation is a one-on-one meeting with a highly trained physical therapist who will address any aches or pains in your neck or back, problems with your knees or shoulders, or any other musculoskeletal concerns you may have. The physical therapist will assess your physical concerns and recommend a course of action to address, and perhaps, eliminate your pain and/or limitations.

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